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[  frequently asked questions  ]

Q. Does Natascha McElhone maintain this website? Will Natascha receive my email if I send it to the email address posted below?
A. No, Natascha has no direct association with the site or its maintenance. This site is a collaborative service provided by Ian Cavalier in association with fans of Natascha.

Q. Do you have Natascha's email address?
A. Nope.

Q. Does Natascha have a mailing address that I can write to? Where should I send my fan mail?
A. The following information was written by a fellow fan, Leon Dark (Natascha's actual mailing address can be found in dark blue at the bottom of this extensive answer):
Just received a picture of Natascha McElhone signed/inscribed to me. I got the following address for you:

Natascha McElhone
c/o Incoming Mail
BBC Television Centre
Wood Lane
London, W12 7RJ

This is the address I sent the picture and self-addressed stamped envelope to her. Took 69 days to reply. I know that BBC just keeps the mail and then forwards to the other address.

Anyhow it got forwarded and it was just my guess.

Also, I know that BBC is changing FAN MAIL address, so all people in the know are saying that the above address (which is a generic BBC address for many stars) should be changed now to a different one which is:

Natascha McElhone
c/o Artist Mail
BBC Information
P.O. Box 1116
Belfast, BT2 7AJ
United Kingdom

However, the following address is where BBC actually forwards mail to. I checked the address with UK collectors and they said it is valid (real one). It will be direct versus BBC. So it is:

Natascha McElhone
67 Godolphin Road
London W12 8JN

Whew. In short, just use the last address as it is the most direct. Good luck everyone.

Q. Is Natascha married? Does she have any children?
A. Natascha's husband is Dr. Martin Kelly, a reconstructive plastic surgeon. She has a son named Theodore who is 2 years old. See her biography for more information.

Q. I see Natascha was in a movie in which she smoked. Does she smoke in real life? Did she have to learn for her role in the movie? If so, has she quit since? (Submitted by Gord.)
A. The short answer is that Natascha does not smoke in "real" life.

Q. What were Natascha's experiences when she first tried to get an agent? Did she have one before she left LAMDA or did she invite some to come and watch her in her final year productions? Or did she find work afterwards in theatre and invite agents to come and watch?
A. This isn't a FAQ, but it's an interesting series of questions I've decided to post in case someone out there knows the answer(s).

Q. How can I help with this site?
A. Become a part of the Natascha McElhone Online team. As printed at the bottom of this page, please send me an email if you have additional information, pictures, or if you've spotted Natascha in a magazine I don't have listed on the site. People will receive due credit on the site for their tips and contributions.

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Please send me an email if you have additional information, pictures, or if you've spotted Natascha in a magazine I don't have listed here. People will receive due credit on this site for their tips and contributions. I'd like this tribute to be as complete as possible.

Please read the FAQ before sending me an email with a question about Natascha.