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when: Saturday, April 8, 2000
where: Double Take Film Festival in Durham, North Carolina
information: This sighting was contributed by Anna931@aol.com:
"I went to the Double Take Film Festival in Durham, North Carolina on April 8th, 2000. Serena was doing a Youth Symposium and shared her documentary on teen violence as a part of MTV's Fight For Your Rights campaign. She was a member of a panel of film directors, writers, and others that contributed to a discussion on teenage stereotypes. Serena shared her views on the topic as well as other topics presented to her by the audience. As a personal experience, I saw her in the bathroom after the dicussion and she was hurrying to catch a flight. I spoke to her briefly, asking for her autograph. Serena was a very courteous person and had very intelligent views."

when: Friday-Saturday, April 2-3, 1999
where: L0pht Heavy Industries (on the north shore of the Charles River Basin) in
Cambridge, Massachusetts
information: Serena was filming there with MTV for the October 13, 1999 debut of True Life: I'm a Hacker. Here is what Space Rogue wrote: "We hung out with her at Watch City Brewing Company in Waltham, Mass. after the shoot and then went to the RattleSnake Bar and Grill in Downtown Boston after that. Several people recognised her and asked for her autograph in both places."
additional information: Here is a news brief from L0pht Heavy Industries on October 10 about the episode: "Although most of this show will feature young hoodlums who get their kicks from breaking into other people's systems, the L0pht is also interviewed showing the more productive side of hacking." Read the complete MTV Press Release for True Life: I'm a Hacker.

when: Saturday, February 6, 1999
where: Confusion ("a pretty trendy place in the Bucktown area") in Chicago, Illinois
information: This sighting was contributed by Jon Borowski:
"A few weeks back I was in Chicago and had a Serena sighting. She and another pretty hot woman were with two men who looked as if they could be models/actors. Actually, they looked like they could be a couple of Mafia "gentlemen". Dressed in all black; very expensive suits. Obviously they had a lot of money behind them, somehow. Anyway, the four of them got there about the same time as I did and sat a few tables over from me. They took their time with dinner, laughed and talked a good deal and were there until 10:30pm. I wasn't close enought to hear what they were talking about, but Serena and her friend appeared to very interested in the conversation and were having what appeared to be the time of their lives."

when: Thursday, December 31, 1998
where: Alaska
information: This sighting was contributed by Nicole Jung:
"I met Serena Altschul here in Alaska. She was here doing an interview on the school shootings. I met her with my sister. She walked behind us, and I was like, "It's Serena Altschul!" She's cool. We still e-mail each other."

when: Wednesday, December 2, 1998
where: Madison Square Garden, New York City
information: Serena was spotted in the 9th row on the floor at the Dave Matthews Band concert.

when: Wednesday, November 18, 1998
where: Harvard University campus, Cambridge, Massachusetts
information: A couple of students from Harvard reported that Serena was seen on their campus. One student wrote the following: "We were walking back from the Harvard Coop when my friend and I noticed Serena walking up and down, reciting lines in front of a running camera, right by the John Harvard statue." Serera was reporting a story on singer/actress Tatyana Ali, a student at Harvard.

when: Wednesday, January 21, 1998
where: Plano, Texas
information: One student wrote: "MTV is doing a special on the mass number of heroin deaths in Texas and came to my home town last week. My friend died of an overdose recently and she interviewed us. All of us actually went out to eat and to a pool hall with her. She's really cool." The documentation of this story, titled True Life: Fatal Dose, first aired on March 31, 1998.

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