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Welcome to Natascha McElhone Online. This extensive online resource was created in February 1998 in order to give everyone who is interested in Natascha a place to go and find out about her life or simply look at pictures. There was not one site about her when this tribute was created. Thank you to everyone who has helped make this site what it is today. This site currently receives over 300 unique visitors per day. Special greetings to our international friends, including many visitors from India, Hong Kong, and Japan. See the flags below.

If you'd like to learn a little more about Natascha, please read her biography. If you want even more information, pictures, and stories about her life that have appeared in media reports, take a look at the online articles and interviews provided.

For a complete description of all her upcoming and past film and television projects, check out the filmography. And if you're here to download some movie images, please visit the ever-growing image library. There are also many video clips from her various films. To see if Natascha has made an appearance in any current magazines, please go to the magazine appearances.

We also have a FAQ page available. To find out what information and images have been most recently added to the site, check out the recent additions. If you'd like to send me an email using a form, or find out how you can receive automatic email notifications of major site updates and image additions, please go to the mailing list.  [^]

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Citizens of the world unite! Here is an alphabetized graphical list of every country/territory (79) I've received emails from since Natascha McElhone Online was established in 1998. That's 76 countries out of only 192 countries worldwide. This certainly says something about Natascha's international appeal, doesn't it?
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