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[  known magazine appearances  ]

Many of the publications below (plus various Internet-only articles) are available online in the articles and interviews section. Also, the bulletin board page lists a few of Natascha's TV appearances.

"Harpers & Queen" (UK), March 2003.
Natascha is featured in a short article entitled "The Unspoilt Star" and appears in several photos. She is on the cover with Ralph Fiennes.

"Empire" (UK), March 2003, pages 66-73.
An exclusive interview with George Clooney includes a mention of Natascha and there is a review of Solaris on page 40. Thanks to Jay Bowman.

"Tesco's free Horizon magazine" (UK), March 2003.
Natascha and her movies are mentioned within the George Clooney cover story, mainly in discussion of his Solaris lead role and the movie FearDotCom. No interview with Natascha. Thanks to Jay Bowman.

"The Daily Telegraph" (UK), February 19, 2003.
Natascha appears in an article entitled "Femme Fatale - Natascha Mcelhone talks to Elizabeth Grice." It's basically an interview. She also appears on the front cover of this UK newspaper in a corner photo. Thanks to Nick Hatherley.

"The Sunday Times" (UK), February 16, 2003, Culture Section.
Natascha appears on the cover of the Culture section and in the cover story entitled "In a galaxy not so far away" by Garth Pearce. This website was cited at the end of the article. Thanks to Matt Peers.

"Premiere" (US), December 2002, Volume 16, Issue 4, pages 106-107.
Natascha is featured in an article entitled "Heavenly Creature" by Brabtley Bardin.

"In Style" (US), November 2002.
Several photos of Natascha. Thanks to Maurice Plasson.

"GQ" (USA), January 2002.
Natascha is featured in a fullpage photo and small article.

"Vox" (Hungary), July 2000, Issue 39, page 26.
Natascha is featured in a pictorial entitled "Hollywoodi Tökös Csajok." Anyone have a copy of this?

"The Sunday Times" (UK), April 2, 2000, Culture: Section 9.
Natascha appears in a cover photo and article entitled "Branagh's at it again: Ken wrestles with another Shakespeare." Thanks to Maurice Plasson. Anybody want to try to get this article online?

"Viasat Magazine" (Sweden), March 2000, Issue 3, pages 30-31.
Natascha is featured in an interview entitled "Drömmer om Woody Allen." Does anyone have a copy of this?

"Movieline" (USA), September 1999, Volume 10, Number 1, page 112.
Natascha appears in a small black & white photo in "The X and Y Files" section. Sharon Stone is on the cover.

"White's Guide to the Movies" (USA), June 1999, Number 7, page 25.
Natascha appears in a small photo with a brief accompanying article entitled "Breakout Roles" by J. Porter. Her name is spelled "Natasha McElhone." Reese Witherspoon is on the cover.

"Vox" (Hungary), January 1999, Volume 1, Issue 1 (21), page 14.
Natascha is featured in a pictorial. Does anyone have a copy of this?

"Empire" (UK), January 1999, Issue 115, pages 68-69.
Natascha is featured in an interview entitled "In Person" by Ian Nathan.

"The Times" (UK), November 20, 1998, Issue 66, page 364.
Natascha is featured in an interview entitled "I was the most tasteless little girl" by Vanora Bennett.

"Evening Standard Hot Tickets" (UK), November 12, 1998, pages 2-3.
Natascha is featured in an interview entitled "Home McElhone" by Marianne Gray. Natascha is also on the cover.

"Maxim" (USA), November 1998, Volume 2, Number 9, page 126.
Natascha appears in a small photograph and is included in an article entitled "Coming Attractions" by Kitty Bowe Hearty. Jennifer Esposito is on the cover.

"US" (USA), November 1998, Issue 250, page 34.
Natascha in featured in a fullpage photograph and interview by Hilary Sterne appearing under "Faces & Places" and entitled "Spotlight >> Natascha McElhone." Drew Barrymore is on the cover.

"Movieline" (USA), September 1998, Volume 9, Number 1.
Natascha appears in a small photo in "the look" section. Elizabeth Hurley is on the cover. Thanks to Maureen Reedy for the tip.

"Cinemanía" (Mexico), September 1998, Volume 2, Issue 24, page 25.
Natascha appears in an article entitled "Close Up: Natascha McElhone." Does anyone have a copy of this?

"Entertainment Weekly" (USA), July 10, 1998, Issue 440, page 54.
Natascha appears in a 1/4 page insert including a photograph and a brief article by Daniel Fierman entitled "Who's That Girl?" Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny are on the cover. Thanks to M. G. Kennedy for the scan.

"W" (USA), July 1998, Volume 27, Issue 7, page 36.
Natascha appears in a stunning fullpage photograph overlayed with an interview by Kevin West entitled "The Natascha Show." Liv Tyler is on the cover.

"People" (USA), June 22, 1998, Volume 49, Number 24, page 43.
Natascha appears in a very nice 1/4 page photograph and is quoted in "Insider," an entertainment news brief on the same page. Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise are on the cover. Thanks to Bill Bleker for the tip.

"Premiere" (USA), November 1996, Volume 10, Issue 3, page 45.
Natascha is interviewed by Eliza Bergman Krause.

"Première" (France), 1996, Issue 238, page 56.
Natascha is interviewed by Christian Jauberty. I would really like to get a hold of a copy of this if anyone has it.

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