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If you would like to join the Natascha Fans mailing list and receive automatic email notifications of major site updates and image additions, just send me an email with that request (or submit it through the form below) and I will add your email address to the list. You will probably get an update email from me about once a month (but it all depends on how much new material turns up).

To keep the mailing list more personal, I don't use any services like ListBot (which probably would make it easier, but they insert annoying sponsor messages into the body of the email). I will never give out your email address and you can remove yourself at anytime simply by emailing me.

All together now: Please read the FAQ before sending me an email with a question about Natascha.

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Please send me an email if you have additional information, pictures, or if you've spotted Natascha in a magazine I don't have listed here. People will receive due credit on this site for their tips and contributions. I'd like this tribute to be as complete as possible.

Please read the FAQ before sending me an email with a question about Natascha.