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These Labyrinth of Beauty sites are the current state of projects I originally began as vehicles for honing my web design and scanning skills. In 1997 and 1998 I chose three interesting women with very little information about them available online and designed a site for each, collecting biographical material and photos along the way. Now, however, these sites have become, somewhat unintentionally, the unofficial online homes for these three once-underrepresented women. Just sort of happened that way. Over the years, many kind individuals have contributed information and photos for these sites. The pages herein aren't maintained as well as they used to be, but I hope you find them helpful in learning more about any of these persons.

The female model links page was created because it is difficult to find high-quality sites about particular women amidst the sea of mediocre and/or pornographic ones. Only the best and most informative sites are listed here. If you'd like to link to me please use the address printed at the top of this page. Thank you.

298 reviewed celebrity websites, the best of the best, constantly expanding link directory

40 scans posted from fashion and celebrity magazines, frequent additions from my offline archive

american mtv newswoman, born in 1970, anchor/reporter for mtv news programs

british actress, born in 1971, starred in the truman show and ronin

american model/actress, born in 1976, starred in the levi's elevator commercial