Thank you for visiting this site. If you've created a website of your own or have your site reviewed in the Labyrinth of Beauty female model links directory, I'd very much appreciate it if you would include a link to this site.

One way you can link to me is by adding the following code which displays a small 2K graphic on your page. The graphic is the standard height of 31 pixels that Netscape, Miscrosoft IE, Quicktime, RealAudio, WinZip, ListBot, etc. use for their advertisement graphics.

To link to the Labyrinth of Beauty, simply copy the following HTML code into your page:

<a target="_top" href=""><img src="" width=100 height=31 alt="the Labyrinth of Beauty" border=0><br>

The code will look like this when displayed: the Labyrinth of Beauty
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